What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

It’s been my Mom’s dream for a while to get the whole family together for a vacation. Her 3 girls, 3 sons-in-law, grandkids, and great-grandkids. That’s a lot of people. And a lot of togetherness. But we did it. Just got home last night, and was thinking back on the trip. It was a wonderful experience and we made lots of special memories. 

Things I learned (or was reminded of) on my summer vacation:
(In no particular order.)

– If you have friends willing to keep your 3 inside cats at their house for 7 days, and friends willing to go to your house to feed your outside cats and two dogs, hold on to those people! (Thanks, guys!)

– Savannah, Georgia is as beautiful as any city I’ve ever visited.

– I would put up with the horrible humidity if I could live in Savannah. 

– My family is loud. I am the loudest. Or maybe Kayli. 

– My brothers-in-law are pretty ok guys. (Just don’t tell them I said so.)

– I have smart, funny, kind, crazy, strong, stubborn, lovable nieces and nephews. And I really enjoy spending time with them.

– My sisters are amazing women, and they inspire me with their strength, love, resilience, and kind hearts. 

– Texas Hold ‘Em is seriously so much fun to play.

– I’m always going to be the one who says out loud what everyone else was thinking, but filtered enough to keep to themselves. 

– They grow some big spiders in Georgia.

– Cobblestone streets are wicked dangerous.

– As beaches go, the Gulf side is my favorite, but southern, coastal, Georgia has me wanting to go back for an extended stay.

– British style pubs are some of my favorite places to enjoy.

– I love and appreciate my husband for many things, but the way he treats my mama is way up there on the list.

– As aunts go, I’m alright. And pretty cool.

– An extended family trip, including kids, grandkids, and great grandkids is occasionally stressful, chaotic 97% of the time, and almost impossible to coordinate. It’s also entirely worth it.

– My kiddo is a good sport. 

– She was also born for the water. 

– The ocean makes me feel very tiny and very much in awe of my Creator. 

– Mimosas and bologna sandwiches are a perfectly acceptable breakfast when you really need to clean out the fridge before leaving.

– My mama has the biggest heart, the humblest spirit, and the most serving hands, I will ever be privileged to know.