For the Discouraged LEO Family

For the discouraged, disillusioned, and exhausted law enforcement families:
The salary definitely isn’t your reason to keep going. Nor are the long nights when you try to sleep but your phone won’t stop ringing. There are a thousand things that make the LEO life harsh.
But ask the officer who has a divine CALLING to that life why he does it. First he’ll probably joke and say he can’t remember.
But if you really listen, you’ll hear about things like service, integrity, and honor, about the joy of locating a lost child, or the high (if you’ll excuse the use of the word) of getting a dangerous drug dealer off the street. There’s the satisfaction of arresting a drunk driver, knowing he’s likely to get a slap on the wrist from the court system, but you got him off the streets for that night, before he could hurt anyone. There’s the pride and love in the heart of your family waiting at home.
And don’t forget the thrill of driving full-speed with lights and siren or the sheer gratification of kicking a door open to get to a person in distress.
There are a million sadly real reasons to feel discouraged, but know that so many have your back. There are more who respect and appreciate you than those who hate you and wish you ill.
And when it comes down to it, those who are counting on you WILL see your value.

*This post brought to you by a long night as the wife of an exhausted on-call detective*