On Media and Personal Responses 

*Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way a defense of Donald Trump, nor is it a condemnation of him, or of Hillary Clinton. Rather it is a call to honesty, and thinking for oneself.*

Probably no one is ignorant of the comments revealed to have been made by Donald Trump in regard to women, which have, deservedly, landed him in hot water.  His words and his attitude in this respect are despicable. There is no excuse for it. This sort of attitude toward women is absolutely not acceptable, not now, not in 2005, not ever.

Since this story broke, there has been plenty of condemnation directed at Donald Trump. Fine. He’s earned it. There is no question about that. Now, conversely, First Lady Michelle Obama has come to the forefront of the news with her response to Trump’s latest controversy. I have seen, not only in the media, but from people I respect, these glowing, praise-filled responses to Mrs. Obama’s speech. Ok, fine, good speech. Yes, I think we all agree that we want to protect our daughters from the disgusting attitude displayed by Mr. Trump.

But can we be honest, for once, with ourselves and one another?

Are any of the people who are both disgusted by Trump’s comments and openly praising Mrs. Obama’s speech, also concerned by some of the Obama’s invited guests to the White House?
Rick Ross, for example, was invited as part of a “Youth Empowerment Program” – a hip hop artist whose accomplishments include a felony charge for pistol whipping someone he caught on his property who shouldn’t have been there. (Ok, I would have made the person leave too, but I’m not sure pistol whipping would have been my first instinct.) In fact, he was still wearing his stylish ankle bracelet monitor during his visit to the White House with the purpose of “empowering youth.”  Ross is also known for a song he released in 2013 entitled U.O.E.N.O. which includes the lyrics, “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.”  The song also has multiple uses of a racial slur beginning with the letter N, and multiple references to women (presumably) as “bitches.”


So, this kind of thing IS what we want for our daughters? Not mine, Mrs. Obama. And I sincerely hope, not for yours either. This is not “music” I want my daughter listening to, implying this behavior is acceptable.

Hear me on this, those lyrics are no more acceptable or excusable than Trump’s comments.

Ross apologized later for the lyrics which dealt with putting date rape drugs in a woman’s drink. Apparently he didn’t realize until AFTER releasing the song and capitalizing on it that those lyrics were offensive and disgusting. So, I guess it’s all ok now.

Hillary Clinton’s response to Trump’s outrageous comments have been praised in the media as well. Possibly worth noting, though, it has been documented more than once by people who have known and/or spent time in the presence of the Clinton’s, that Hillary has a penchant for some salty vocabulary and a sincerely unkind attitude toward those she deems lower than her. There are even stories that she allegedly referred to a group of special needs children at the White House Easter Egg Hunt as “f***ing retards.”

And then there are those women who claimed to have been victimized by Hillary’s husband, former POTUS, Bill Clinton, not to mention the fact that his behavior toward women led to plenty of ugly scandal during his time as president. Are his actions more forgivable than those of Donald Trump? I mean, Bill was married at the time, AND had a young daughter, but I don’t see much being made of the fact that Hillary has obviously enabled and supported him through all of those allegations, the hearings, and the impeachment. What kind of example does that set for young women?

Finally, and just briefly, there are the issues about Hillary Clinton’s tens of thousands of “lost” emails, her failure to protect our national security, and, oh yes, these 4 names: Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods, and Glen Doherty.
Benghazi is already Mrs. Clinton’s legacy. But her supporters and a huge percentage of the media have either forgiven, forgotten, or decided to turn a blind eye to that.

Let me be clear – I am in no way defending Donald Trump. I am simply calling for a bit of honesty from people, both in the news and in the private sector. If nothing else, be honest with YOURSELVES.

Donald Trump’s attitude and comments toward women are inexcusable and indefensible.

As are Bill Clinton’s attitude and actions toward women.

As are Hillary Clinton’s alleged actions toward people in general, and as Secretary of State.

As are the lyrics of some of the Obama’s supporters and perhaps, friends.

If you want to condemn disgusting behavior, fine, have at it. In all likelihood, I will wholeheartedly agree with you. But at least be honest about the fact that it isn’t just coming from one person involved in our current politics.




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