I Loathe Election Time (more than usual)

In general, I’m on Facebook to keep up with my family and friends, to share amusing stories, funny cat videos, and random nerdy facts that no one cares about, but they make me happy anyway. I’m afraid Facebook and I may need to break up, or at least take some time away from each other.
I really hate election time anymore.  Honestly, I don’t want to know who you people are voting for, I really don’t, but from the looks of most of the posts I see, you’re not so much voting FOR someone, but voting AGAINST someone else. 

Have you thought about how pathetic that is? That is what our “great American political process” has become. We are reduced to THIS? 
The most terrifying thing to me about this election, is that a majority of American people went to the voting booths in the primary, and THIS MESS is the best our country came up with. 
The two main candidates (because heaven knows we can’t consider that just maybe the two-party system isn’t working), are, to be blunt, lousy. But according to a majority of voters, they are the “best” we have to offer. 
If these are the best we can do, we are in so much more trouble than any of us want to admit. 
I do not trust either of them. There is so much self-serving corruption, so much in-your-face lying, so much disrespect, so much hunger for power, so much WRONGDOING on both sides of this that literally the only way I can cast a vote for either Trump or Clinton is to make a list of all the things I DISLIKE about each of them, all the things that make each of them untrustworthy, and vote for the one with the shorter list, because I have next to NOTHING to put on a list of positives about either of them. (Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any.)
I’m intrigued by Johnson, and in truth, probably line up with his platform more than anyone else. Is he a good choice to lead us, to be our Commander-in-Chief? I don’t know, but I’m convinced he’s no worse than either of the main party candidates. Again, that’s a poor way to vote, for one that’s “no worse.”
It’s obvious to me that the two-party system our country is so comfortable with is not working. 
I am so proud of the America of the past. I am so thankful for every patriot who stood up to tyranny. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to those who sacrificed everything to protect me and others. I am indebted to every single person who believed whole-heartedly in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and to those who refused to ignore injustice, choosing rather to seek, and to fight for, liberty and justice for all. 
But I don’t know where that America is. 

I know the IDEAL is alive and well in the hearts of individuals – teachers, and parents, and clergy, and farmers; students, dry cleaners, and soldiers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other first responders; managers, cooks, nurses, bankers, and bus drivers – in every day people from all over. But from what I see, those people now make up a small percentage of our citizenry. 
And that breaks this Yankee Doodle Dandy’s heart.


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