Attacks on law enforcement in Milwaukee and in Baton Rouge today. At least three officers dead. 

 Dear God.
Can someone please explain to me how this makes things better? How does this express anything about any life mattering? 
Obviously ANY PERSON who will kill another human in cold blood does not believe life matters, I don’t care what color they are, what nationality, what career, or what their upbringing. The person who murders this way can NOT then turn around and preach about any life mattering. 
Explain this to me. Can you? Can you tell me how this is ANY different than the profiling police are accused of? 

You say it’s wrong to lump all members of one group or race or ethnicity together because of the actions of a few. Isn’t that PRECISELY what’s being done to law enforcement? Right there is your hypocritical thinking. 
At what point does someone decide they’ve “gotten even,” or “got justice for so and so?” 

It. Does. Not. Work. That. Way. It never has.


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