It’s not terribly often that I get serious here, but humor me for a moment. (See what I did there? 😉)
Please think about your words. Not just the ones you say TO people but also the ones you say ABOUT people. Sometimes we forget how powerful words can be, and once said, they WILL be repeated, and remembered. 

I spent too many hours last week worrying about something that had been said about me. Now, it’s very easy to say, “You shouldn’t let that bother you,” but the fact is, sometimes it just does. It’s hurtful when you feel like your character is called into question, even when it’s something rather trivial in the grand scheme of things 

I’m over it now. And I’ve realized it wasn’t intended the way it seemed. But let me tell you, it made me think. 
The words we say definitely have a way of getting around. Sometimes what we say about someone in a moment of frustration or stress, gets back to them and it can hurt, even if we don’t mean it to be hurtful or to question their character. 
I’m as guilty as anyone and I’m working on kindness, I really am. We aren’t in grade school anymore. Back then we could say, “I’m sorry. I take it back,” and make it all better. That doesn’t work anymore, so please, people, be nice.



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