Dieter’s Log, Day 3

It’s day 3.
I haven’t cheated, so there’s that. And I’m still attempting to keep a good attitude, which is huge. I could just let go and be full on mean, grouchy, and hangry.


One thing about The South Beach Diet – it instructs you NOT to go hungry. You don’t have to starve yourself, because you aren’t counting calories, you are changing the way you eat AND how your body processes what you eat. However, I still went to bed hungry last night and woke up ravenous this morning.


It wasn’t because I didn’t have anything to eat, it was just that what I had available wasn’t satisfying. I’ve been looking through recipes, and need to find some ideas for snacks and desserts. I miss dessert in the evening something fierce!

(sidenote: When you spend 2 hours at the grocery store, followed by 3 hours preparing for your upcoming diet on your Sunday afternoon, make sure you buy the SUGAR FREE fudge pops. Otherwise, that 2nd evening in, you’ll be sadly disappointed and your husband will be grumpy. Live and learn.)

When you think of cutting carbs, you think, “Ok, meat and veggies. I can do this.”  Even though I have a beautiful lifelong love affair with my carbs, I do like a variety of foods and am not a picky eater. But you also have to consider that when doing this type of eating plan, convenience foods are pretty much out. No cereal. No granola bars. No morning oatmeal. And honestly, I love eggs, but I’m already tired of having them for breakfast. There just isn’t a whole lot that’s easily doable when you’re getting 3 people breakfast and out the door.

So, I guess breakfast and dessert/snacks are my biggest challenge right now. The sugar free Jello isn’t cutting it so far.

I’m a bit out of sorts, probably due to frustration. (And the stupid week-long rain we have going.) I felt really great about myself Sunday when I was getting things ready for this week. I had shopped according to what we would be eating and thought I had done really well. But then you come to a point where you have food, but you aren’t sure how you want to prepare it to make it as satisfying as it can be. (And you discover that you screwed up where the fudge pops are concerned, and that’s seriously disappointing.)


I think this evening maybe I’ll make hamburgers with all the fixings except for the bun. Even though I’ll be missing the fries to go alongside, I’ll have lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, cheese, and pickles. That actually sounds really good – yay, I can look forward to supper!


Everyone needs something to look forward to! And hey, we’re almost 1/5 of the way through this first 2 weeks. So, there’s that. (Sarcasm disguised as optimism! Works for me! As long as I keep laughing, I’ll make it.)



Dieter’s Log Day 2

It’s day 2.

I have had no sugar for 36 hours now.

I’d really like a Starburst. Or 20. I’d settle for sucking on a sugar cube at this point.

And it’s only been 36 hours.

I’m such a weenie.

It doesn’t help that I took cupcakes to my kid’s class this morning. Double chocolate fudge cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sugar sprinkles. They smelled like heaven in a treat box. And then, I got soaked by the stupid rain as I was leaving school.

*pout, whine, complain*


Ah well.

What’s for lunch?

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry for Tomorrow We Diet

This is what echoed through my brain all day yesterday. My husband and I decided (actually, he decided and after much persuasion, coercion, and logic, I got on board) that it’s way past time to do SOMETHING.

My weight issues stem from two big problems:
1. I love to eat

I’m basically a Hobbit.

I’m a southern girl raised on biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, mashed potatoes dripping with butter, rich chocolate cake, and sweet tea.
(Hang on, I need to wipe the drool off the keyboard.)

2. I hate to exercise.
True story. When I think of things I like to do, I come up with stuff like eating, reading, binge watching Netflix, baking, discussing books and movies, drinking wine, playing Lego video games…no form of exercise comes to mind.  I have friends who love to run. I don’t know how we’re friends. (But I love them anyway.) If you ever see me running, something is wrong.


So, you see, the reasons for my weight struggle are obvious. I guess I could add that I don’t have one of those super metabolisms you hear people talk about, but do those really exist? I don’t believe they do.

(By the way, I know the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to change your lifestyle, your way of eating, and your attitude. Shut up. I don’t want to hear that. 😉  )

In hopes of a jump start, and after lots of research, we decided to do the South Beach Diet. In reading the book, and much outside information, I can see that it makes good sense. Doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. I really just want to eat french fries, drink wine, and be a size 12. Is that really too much to ask?

But, I committed to it. Besides the obvious reasons, you know, little things like health and self-esteem, and fitting into my clothes, I get to go on vacation with my best friend this summer. We’re going to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal Studios. I’m like, stupid excited. As if it isn’t enough that I get to spend a week with my best friend who I live 500 miles away from, but I also get to go somewhere I didn’t think I’d ever get to! Anyone who knows me, as the Potter-geek I am, knows this is a huge deal. Now, a lot of people say they want to get in shape before vacation, you know, they want to get their swimsuit body or whatever. I just don’t want to get to Diagon Alley and find out my muggle frame won’t fit on the Gringotts ride, or be mistaken for Aunt Marge after Harry inflated her!


Today we begin phase 1, which lasts for 2 weeks and basically removes all sugar and most flour from your diet. I like meat and veggies, I do. But I LOVE sugar, bread, and pasta. So, my family could probably use your prayers and good vibes. I’ll probably get pretty hateful, but I’ll try to keep a healthy attitude by keeping it to myself and internalizing all that loathing.

I spent yesterday afternoon grocery shopping, prepping for the week, and eating everything I could think of that I would miss most the next two weeks. It was a good day. I won’t list what all I ate, because no one needs to know the extent of my depravity.

At any rate, so far so good. Did a weigh in this morning. (Ugh!) I’ve been out of bed for a few hours, and so far I haven’t yelled at anyone, had a bad case of road rage, lost my mind or my religion. Breakfast was pretty good. And I have a yummy supper planned. Instead of sitting down with a nice glass of wine after supper, I’ll sit down with a nice cup of sugar free Jello. I’m sure it will be exactly the same.

Yeah. Exactly the same.


If you’d like to find more information about The South Beach Diet, check it out at: