This Church Girl Gets It

I stumbled across this article today and was blown away by how perfectly it reflects many of my own thoughts. Me, a “been-in-church-all-my-life-and-now-I’m-a-church-secretary,” good southern girl.

Some of my friends will be appalled at this. Some will be offended. Some will shrug and move on. Some will think harshly of me for sharing it. And that’s ok.

I hope some will think about it, maybe even understand a bit more about their friend.

As a grown woman who has been part of a church her whole life, but only truly part of THE Church for a small part of it, I agree with every, single, word of this. Even those who have been in church all their lives are leaving because they realize they don’t really meet the expectations placed on them by the church, and they’re tired of trying, tired of pretending, tired of wearing the “I’m fine thanks, how are you,” mask. They’re tired of looking for a warm community and finding mere cold tradition.

I can’t even choose a favorite point from this, it’s all that good. But if I HAD to pick, numbers 4 and 5 are huge.



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