Shine On!

I stumbled across this blog post thanks to a Facebook friend, and had to share it, because I have been thinking something very similar this week about my KatieBug. I happened to drive by her school twice this week at just the right time to see her on the playground. I’ve often said I wish I could follow her around for a day without her knowing, just to see her at school, how she works, plays, and interacts, when I’m not around.
I know most of the time she has playmates – she talks about them all the time. But both times I drove by this week, she was off on her own, doing her thing.

And then, this morning on the way to school she was telling me that during playtime yesterday she was playing with a small group of kids and there was one little girl who was mean to a little boy, and she said, “I just got him and tried to comfort him and we walked away.” 

I was so proud of her for that. 

She truly DOES shine from within, as do so many children. They are the ones who fall soundly in the middle where academics and sports and clubs are concerned, but who have gifts many who know them may never see. I pray she never fails to realize that I see it, that those who matter see it, and most importantly, God sees it. He sees inside her precious heart to the soul who loves and cares and believes and feels so deeply.

So take a minute and read this wonderful blog entry:



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